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Advocate for Change!

Let's Restore The Promise.

Meet Jaton 

Mother, Community Helper, Entrepreneur, and Advocate.

Jaton was born in Little Rock, Arkansas and raised in Omaha, Nebraska but has made Minneapolis home for the last 24 years.

Being passionate about the well-being of students, families, and educators, Jaton has worked in Minneapolis for the last 10 years, focusing on healing and empowerment within the education system.  "I believe the road to community wellness, must include the restoration of the broken promise to provide a safe, quality, education to our youth."  - Jaton White

"I am here for kids"

I strive to address the need for safe and stable schools and to shine light on the needs of our teachers. It is our job as a school district to make sure that teachers have what they need so that they can support our children!

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Jaton White has a long history of building relationships with students, parents, teachers and administration throughout the Minneapolis School District. She believes in bridging community resources with our school needs ensuring that where the schools hands are tied - the community steps in to assist our babies with what they need. She also has a passion for making sure the teaching staff, as a whole, is supported in genuine ways. She is going to play a vital role in the Minneapolis School Board moving forward and I’m excited for what her expertise will bring to our communities.

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